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The Bunny garden accent was featured in Garden Center Magazine



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Currently being featured in the January 2017 issue of Hardware Retailing Magazine




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Currently being featured in Vintage Gardens Magazine. P. 26

Being featured on Gardencentermagazine.com website

Charming Tricycle Plant Stand


To be featured in a upcoming issue of The New Barker Magazine

Rustic Cabin BirdhouseFeatured in the August 2013 issue of Cabin Life Magazine

Featured on Cabin Life Magazine's Facebook Page:


Whimsical Bicycle Planter

Whimsical bicycle planter will be featured in the June/July issue

of Country Sampler magazine. On newsstands May 30th, 2013!



Animal Shelter Themed Birdhouse

Animal shelter birdhouse currently featured on Fido Friendly magazine website:




Western Fountain


Western Fountain on Green Industry Pro website



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Soothing Rock Fountain

The soothing rock fountain was featured in the January 2013 on Garden Center Magazine's website.



Rustic Wood Fountain

The rustic wood fountain was featured Garden Center Magazine's website.



Whimsical Solar Dog Fountain

Whimsical Solar Dog Fountain

The whimsical Solar Dog Fountain is currently being featured in...

Aqua Magazine

Pet Age Magazine

Pet Product News Magazine


Garden Center Magazine January 2012 Online Issue

Children in Garden Water Fountain

Children in Garden Water Fountain

Featured in McHenry County Living/ gardening tips and trends


Praying Angel Garden Statue Featured on http://mysticlivingtoday.com website See Press Release Below...

Praying Angel Garden Statue

Statue provided by www.gardendecoraccents.com

Praying Angel Garden Statue
Polystone. 12 1/2" x 10" x 22 3/4" high


This breathtaking Celestial Delight is interwoven in a "God Moment" that I just have to tell you about. I have been fighting with myself for awhile about whether or not to open a Spiritual Center in my home, My gutt kept telling me it was the right thing to do and my head kept telling me I had nothing to offer, it was an economic risk, and it was to much work. So here I was stuck in the middle and praying to God for a sign that I was going in the right direction and to also send me some angelic help along the way. 
So imagine my surprise and amazement when a few weeks later right out of nowhere I was given the opportunity to own and review an impressive garden statue of an angel in prayer. The other part I left out was when I received her it was right before my birthday, so not only did I get angelic help and a conformation that I was on the right path, BUT it was also a birthday present ta boot.
I was like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for her to arrive, and when I received her, after wading through all the excellent strong packaging I was able to lock eyes on her for the first time and the feeling of instant serenity, peace and calm I felt in that moment that her energy came over me almost took my breath away. She had a soft almost light gray weather-stone look to her and the detailing was nothing short of exquisite, even down to the feathered seperation of the folded wings, the quiet half smile of the lips and the delicate gentle hands in prayer position. 
Being made of Polystone she is oh so sturdy, and I am glad of that because I know whether inside or out she will be around for a long time. I have given her a place in a prominent corner of my Spiritual Center and as I start dedicating the space for healing and spiritual classes I feel so confident and protected. I find myself drawn to her often, and a thrill goes through me every time. I would recommend this blessed bit of Heaven to anyone wanting to bring a touch of love and light into their living space. All I can say is thank you so much www.gardendecoraccents.com for bringing me an answer to my prayers and a really stupendous birthday present that has changed my life for the better.
Love & Light,
Riki Frahmann
You can learn more about this angel garden statue and many other precious spiritual stuff by going to


Enchanting Water Barrel Fountain

Enchanting Water Barrel Fountain

To be featured in Green Profit Magazine May 2011 issue



Bright Colored Hammock

Bright Colored Hammock

To be featured in Romantic Homes Magazine June 2011 issue


Rustic Planter

Rustic Planter

To be featured in the July issue of Western Horseman Magazine


Solar Garden Statue-Boy and Turtle

Solar Garden Statue-Boy and Turtle

In the May Issue of Lawn and Garden Retailer Magazine. This new item will also be featured in

an upcoming issue of Todays Garden Center magazine.






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